Provide a range of intellectual, social, moral, spiritual and physical experiences appropriate to the age, ability and individual needs of our pupils. We will have high expectations and endeavour to provide access to high quality resources.

This will be done through the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum to develop pupils’ personal skills, interpersonal skills, thinking skills, learning skills, ICT skills and physical skills.

Provide opportunities for each individual to attain their maximum potential and to help prepare them to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their adult lives.

Provide a caring, supportive and orderly environment where children can learn and be happy.

Promote good relationships between teachers, teachers and pupils, teachers and parents and within the community, recognising differences and developing caring attitudes to others.

Provide opportunities for pupils to develop self-esteem, confidence in themselves as learners and the disposition and motivation to learn.

Strive to continuously improve every aspect of the school’s work and life.

Mission Statement

The main purpose of Ballyhenry Primary School is to provide the best quality of education possible for the children in our care through the effective and efficient delivery of the curriculum. It is our responsibility to provide outstanding service and to meet the needs of the children and parents in our school community.