Ballyhenry Primary School sets out to create a caring and supportive environment where all children can develop intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, morally and spiritually.

In addition, the delivery of the curriculum is designed to develop interest and motivation in children through enthusiastic teaching and interesting and relevant learning activities.

Children are encouraged to achieve high academic standards and are given as much help, as they need to achieve success.

There are many extra curricular activities that encourage co-operation and discipline through team games. Children are further encouraged through choir and orchestra to work together and develop self-discipline.

Within this context there is a code of discipline that is consistently enforced to ensure that the education of children can take place in an orderly and caring environment.

Through continual monitoring of individual children’s achievements, class teachers provide work that is pitched at a level that challenges each child yet does not frustrate.

Good relationships within the school are vital. The staff set an example by working well together with a harmony of purpose and providing an interesting and caring environment within their classrooms.

As part of the pastoral dimension of the school, children are taught how to care for others, to respect other peoples’ points of view and to respect property. Children are encouraged to contribute to several charities to help people who are less fortunate than them.